Brandy L Schillace

What does that mean for our (real and virtual) lives and afterlives?

In October, Apple ID announced a new “Digital Legacy” program designed to designate “legacy contacts” for users, in the event of their demise. The statement carried with it an asterisk (*) meant to alert customers that the new tech was not yet online. The result can be seen here, a…

Activists have made it clear: Reproductive justice is a disability issue

The rights of disabled people are, suddenly, in the news. They deserve to be, but in the aftermath of the Texas anti-abortion legislation, disabled bodies have largely become talking points — a rhetorical device.

Award-winning essayist and journalist s. e. smith reports on “selective abortion” bills, which “employ a sinister…

Brandy L Schillace

Author/Editor. Writing about history, science, & medicine for Scientific American, Globe and Mail, WIRED, WSJ. EIC MedicalHumanities. #ActuallyAutistic she/her

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