Brandy L Schillace

A bizarre experiment in the 1970s proved this in primates —now an Italian surgeon suggests that are humans next

In 2013, an unusual paper appeared in Surgical Neurology International, a peer-reviewed medical journal based in the United States. The piece had been written by a surgeon named Sergio Canavero, of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group in Italy, and it boasted an unusual title: HEAVEN, or the “head anastomosis [connection]…

I published a book in the pandemic. Here’s how I made it work.

I boarded the plane, tugging a carry-on and trying to ignore the persistent under-mask nose-itch. It was June and sticky-hot; I’d definitely dressed all wrong for this, my first flight since pandemic lock-down over a year before. Tucked into my shoulder bag I carried vaccine information, hand sanitizer, and as…

If a condor can give birth without a male — Can we?

This past week, a California condor surprised scientists by laying a fertilized egg and hatching a chick without any contribution from a Condor male. Or, as the National Geographic’s playful headline explains: “Endangered birds experience ‘virgin birth,’ a first for the species.” The phenomenon is called parthenogenesis, and it means…

What does that mean for our (real and virtual) lives and afterlives?

In October, Apple ID announced a new “Digital Legacy” program designed to designate “legacy contacts” for users, in the event of their demise. The statement carried with it an asterisk (*) meant to alert customers that the new tech was not yet online. The result can be seen here, a…

Brandy L Schillace

(skil-AH-chay) Author in #history, #science, & #medicine. Bylines: SciAm, Globe&Mail, WIRED, WSJ. EIC Medical Humanities. Host of Peculiar Book Club. she/her

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