The Future of Clones

Part two of Chasing Eve — have we really cloned a human?

a newborn baby supported by four hands against a black background
Photo by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash

Part 2. [read part 1]

The first announcement of human cloning preceded both Zavos and Boisselier by one year. “They were such tiny dots” wrote Jose Cibelli, Robert Lanza, and Michael West (vice president of research, vice president of medical and scientific development, and president and CEO, respectively) of Advanced Cell…



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Brandy L Schillace

Brandy L Schillace

(skil-AH-chay) Author in #history, #science, & #medicine. Bylines: SciAm, Globe&Mail, WIRED, WSJ. EIC Medical Humanities. Host of Peculiar Book Club. she/her