The Low-Down, Dirty-Rotten, No-Good Worship of Work

Our Greatest Achievements were Born of Leisure, but We Remain Committed to a Culture of Burnout.

A crisp, red apple in the palm of a hand against a dark background.
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

I like the story of Isaac Newton’s discovery of gravity. You’ve heard it: he’s sitting under an apple tree on the farm, and an apple bonks him on the head. From this, he theorizes that there is a constant pull upon…



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Brandy L Schillace

Brandy L Schillace


(skil-AH-chay) Author in #history, #science, & #medicine. Bylines: SciAm, Globe&Mail, WIRED, WSJ. EIC Medical Humanities. Host of Peculiar Book Club. she/her